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Annual Fund

给年度基金的礼物是强有力的,因为它们会立即发挥作用, and provide vital support to the day-to-day operations of the College. Through your contribution, you provide support for academic programs, financial aid for students, stewardship of our historic buildings and gardens, an outstanding faculty, 以及提供令人惊叹的教育体验所需的工具和技术.

Student Scholarships

利记SBOBET网页版超过80%的学生依赖机构奖学金和助学金来支付他们的全部学费.  Goddard is one of the best value institutions in the Northeast, 但如果没有这些礼物提供的额外经济支持,许多学生将无法入学.  今天,通过给你选择的奖学金基金送一份礼物,让学生的生活有所不同. 

Together for Goddard Campaign

“这次活动是邀请大家一起把利记SBOBET网页版树立为有意义的领导声音和鼓舞人心的榜样, transformational, and learner-driven education” – President Bernard Bull

The Together for Goddard Campaign 是在努力实现学院的未来成为一个繁荣和财政稳定的机构吗, as a leader in higher education innovation, 巩固利记SBOBET网页版对学术领域的重要而独特的贡献.

We’re 25% of the way toward our $4 million campaign goal.  您的捐赠将帮助利记SBOBET网页版在2022年之前实现财务实力和学术创新的新时代.  

Launched in January 2020, 该活动帮助学院实现了积极的财务转变,并获得了新英格兰高等教育委员会(NECHE)的持续认证。.  Join us now in creating the next phase of Goddard College.

Racial Justice Initiatives

利记SBOBET网页版学院致力于采取行动对抗系统性的种族主义,并创造一种更加多样化和公平的文化. 针对今年发生的针对非裔美国人和其他有色人种的暴力和警察暴行, 利记SBOBET网页版学院董事会设立了两个新项目:种族与社会正义纪念奖学金和乔治·弗洛伊德社会正义中心. 

种族和社会正义纪念奖学金是为了纪念那些因系统性种族主义和不公正而在警察的种族暴力中失去生命的非裔美国人和其他有色人种而设立的. 这项年度奖学金将授予那些工作或拟工作反映致力于解决种族主义和社会不公正的非裔美国本科生或研究生, and supports inclusion and diversity.

乔治·弗洛伊德社会正义中心是为了纪念乔治·弗洛伊德而建立的, who lost his life to police brutality on May 25, 2020. The Center will serve as a place for lectures, academic programs, art and performances, 静修和社区会议,利记SBOBET网页版继续努力发展利记SBOBET网页版的学生的领导能力, so that our students view themselves as competent, caring contributors to a more equal and just world.

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